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Custom luxury Tenders for your Yacht

Each Agilis jet dinghy can be customized because deck, hull, insert colors and technical equipment are variable and may be combined. For some Agilis yacht tenders even exist engine power options. All this ensures that your jet tender will fit your needs and your yacht design.

Luxury materials and technical solutions adhere to highest yachting standards. Steering wheel, dashboard, electronic reverse system, teak deck, ORCA fabric as well as dozens of other details are designed to accompany the first-class yachts.

Modern jet propulsion system without external propellers as well as Agilis light hulls grant speed, stability and safety. With help of special combustion technology, the engine improves thermodynamic efficiency and minimizes mechanical friction for outstanding performance.

You can choose tender’s hypalon colors suitable exactly for you or yours yacht and see result at once herein. Try Configurator at this website. More than 40 colors are available.


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