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5,60 meterS

Beam: 2,40m

Capacity: Máx 10 PAX

Weight:  1150 Kg

Superyacht tender – the most luxury tender for 10 persons in Agilis range

If you summed up all the features and advantages of the Agilis 560 in one word, that word would be comfort.
Whether it’s the one-lever-for-all single drive unit, the Bimini top doubling as a sunshade, the spray dodger ensuring dryness for all; no matter the conditions, the whisper-quiet; powerful engine, the ample space for passengers or the tons of storage – every trip on the Agilis 560 is sure to be in comfort and style. And a 55-liter freshwater tank for showers on the go or rinsing off sandy feet eliminates unwanted stopovers between fun in the sun and a relaxed visit to a favorite beachside restaurant. The experience you have on your luxury 10 persons tender should reflect the comfort you are accustomed to on your superyacht, just in a smaller form factor. After all, boarding a smaller vessel might sometimes be necessary, but with the Agilis 560 superyacht tender, sacrificing comfort will never be an option.
The Agilis 560 with its Mercury Diesel 2.0L engine comes out swinging. Weighing in at just 250 kg, this engine is compact and light without sacrificing power and performance. What’s more, the corrosion resistant design and low engine-room temperatures translate into a long-lasting engine life.
Make no mistake: with its corrosion resistant, fuel efficient high-pressure common-rail fuel injection motor, the Agilis 560 is not only smooth and quiet as a butterfly; with 170 hp for reaching up to 38 knots, it also packs a real punch. Throw in the 130-liter fuel tank and optimum fuel economy, and now we’re talking long distances and numerous trips without having to refuel.
Jet drives are a real game changer when it comes to drivability. And they offer more safety for the people in and around the boat, not to mention marine life. Their maneuverability, excellent weight distribution and shallow draft round off the package.
A centrally located engine inside the hull makes for ideal weight distribution, translating into a smooth, level ride – even at high speeds. Replacing the rudder with thrust is not only a breakthrough in technical and physical design, it also opens up access to shallow areas or even beach landings with no risk of damage to the drive. And with the Agilis 560, we’re taking the game to a whole new level – with an electronically activated hydraulic reverse gate. Now, low-speed cruising and reverse drive can be achieved simply by pressing a button. The engine is whisper quiet, thanks to the fully insulated, electronic engine hatch. You practically cannot hear it. Finally, with two batteries – one for the engine, one for the electrical equipment – the only type of stranded you’ll ever know will be on a beach of your choosing.
The cockpit on the Agilis 560 is kept really sleek with a streamlined dashboard for seamless control of NMEA connected sources from a single multi-functional display. Superior marine equipment meets award-winning audio innovation in a compact form factor.
Literally from bow to stern, starboard to port, Bimini top to aluminum hull – with over 100 million color combinations and customization options, the world is your oyster when configuring the look and feel of your ship, that is tender to your ship. Of course, being fully customizable, we can design your tender to look identical to your yacht right down to the materials used, making the Agilis 560 truly a tender to.


Engine Mercury Diesel 2.0L
LOA5,60 m
Beam2,40 m
Height1,23 m / 1,73 m (with folded windshield)
Weight1150 kg
Capacity10 PAX
Performance170 HP
Top Speed38 knots (71 km/h)
Fuel Tank130 Litres

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